Instander APK v18.0 Download Latest Version April 2024

Instander APK

Instander APK is the mod version of Instagram that allows you to download Reels, IGTV, Videos, and Photos in high quality. Moreover, users can also access to its exclusive features such as copy description, copy comments, copy bio, and no advertisements.

Instander APK offers an enhanced and unique Instagram experience from downloading media and image files, customization, and maintaining privacy preferences to secure social media engagement. 

It is right to mention that Instagram is considered one of the world’s most famous social media platforms because of its lofty source of online entertainment. Users can access their favorite influencers and celebrities that add extra entertaining content. So, you can share even your life moments with followers and friends through stories.

But like other social networks, Instagram also lacks some miner-user experience in features. Therefore, developers always try to develop lack-free versions of such apps. So Instader APK latest version appears to be an excellent alternative app for Instagram.

What is Instander APK?

Instander APK is an Insta MOD that is designed for all Android users so that they can access additional helpful features to get an Instagram verification badge without a tiresome process, and to download posted media files on Instagram like images and videos.

Instander Mod APK offers distinctive customization choices and features that are not given in the original version of Instagram. Through Instander, feel free to download not only high-quality videos but also photos. Moreover, view all profile images in their real size. On direct messages, you can disable all online statuses and customize the entire app’s look.

Download Instander APK for Android

Instander APK latest version offers its users full unlocked features, regular updates, and fixed bugs. Download Instander APK and install it now on your Android device to increase your overall Instagram and social online experiences.

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Download Instander APK 2024 Latest Version

What are the features of Instander APK Download?

It is important to know that Instander is an Instamod, which can perform similar functions to Instagram. But the major purpose of Instander is to access a massive range of additional features that are not given in the official app, which are added below.

Download Videos and Images

We better understand your worries while downloading videos and pictures from Instagram. If you are not able to guide you when you start downloading any content that comes under violation of Instagram‘s policies and terms.

It is not recommend you download images or videos by utilizing third-party apps because possibility this can compromise the overall security of your Android device.

That is why downloading your favorite content by using Instagram without obtaining complete authorization comes under the violation of Instagram and copyright laws.

However, if you like certain Instagram content, then try to reach out to the real creators and download their content after asking them first. Alternatively, you will be able to save costs by utilizing the in-built features of Instagram such as the save option and bookmark posts.

On the other hand, Instander APK does allow you to download videos and images. But for this, you need to delete the real app to access your IG account.

Bosom Friends List

Another of the best features of this app is allowing you to create a Bosom Friends list on your Instagram account. Through this useful feature, you can share your stories and posts with a particular group.

So, create your close friend’s list and have complete control over who sees your entire content. However, you can also share exclusive and personal posts with your desired audience.

Hide your Instagram Stories from the List

You can highlight a certain feature of the Instander App because it allows you to hide your entire stories from a particular group of people. And, this feature also provides you complete control over your privacy and content.

Respecting privacy and maintaining who has the authority to see your images or videos is an entirely personal option. And it is a good choice that the app allows all app users to control their entire audience. In this regard, make the best use of such useful features.

Allows which Audience to Reply to Messages or Posts

When we talk about complete control then Instander allows you to manage who will reply to your posts or messages. Therefore, all unwanted and negative comments can be minimized over your content.

Feel free to set restrictions over your posts, then you will enjoy engaging and positive online social experiences. It is cardinal to set your online boundaries to grow a healthy environment and sustain peace of mind. Never forget that online interactions must be positive and respectful, which can foster useful and meaningful conversations and connections.

Permission to Message Replies to your Preferences

You will have complete control over the Instander app by allowing users to reply to their content on Instagram. In this way, your posts will remain away from bad comments, because post management will be at your fingertips.

And, of course, you will better know to disable negative comments entirely. So congrats on creating a personalized and positive social network experience.

Save your Live Videos and Instagram Stories to their Archive

If you are short of space on an Android phone to Download Instagram Videos and save more reels and pictures, then turn on this excellent feature. In this way, you will be able to save videos and images in your archive.

This feature is useful for those users who hanker after to save their images and videos without utilizing space on their Android devices. Of course, saving live videos and stories to their archive offers a private and convenient way to access them at any time.

Control Over Sharing

The app offers you to ability to decide which posts you want to 0share. So, you can 0trun off and on this feature, and even it works automatically while sharing Facebook stories. It offers a lofty level of customization. Such levels make sure that your content is shared according to your way.

This feature manages your sharing preferences and empowers you to maintain the integrity and privacy of your content. Meanwhile, your friends and followers also remain engaged. So, use these options and generate your online interaction and presence with your boundaries and preferences.

Feel free to share your videos and photos automatically from your Instagram story to your Facebook story By InstaMod.

Ad-free Experience

It can be noticed that the Instagram feed contains sponsored ads that cannot be turned off. These can be images advertisements or videos. And when such ads are watched, drain user’s data. Users who like to pay attention only to Instagram content can disable ads through the privacy settings.

Diverse Range for Search Content

It is amazing to know about the massive range of content that can be accessed on Instagram. In this regard, IGTV videos feature celebrities in a massive range of content. This variety allows you to discover and learn new trends. Whether it is about entertainment, fashion styles, artistic creations, travel experiences, or DIY projects, Instagram offers a wide range of unlimited inspiration and discovery.

Crash Reports and Analytics

The in-app privacy setting is linked to crash reports and analytics on an Android phone. Such settings are important for authentic privacy for users. Because then improvement appears in the Instander function.

However, as a user of this app, you can disable analytics optionally. In this way, you can prevent this app from analyzing and collecting data. This special feature is important for those users who always prefer their privacy as a priority.

Furthermore, you also have the choice to send certain crash reports to developers, in case of a crashing app. Crash reports are helpful for developers to find out the issues, glitches, or bugs within the app. Then developers can find out the reasons for app failure.

It can be said that such privacy settings bring a poise between the app function and user privacy. Then users can select to disable analytics just to project their overall privacy.

Ghost Mode of Instander APK

Ghost Mode is another remarkable feature of the Instander app. It offers various privacy choices to those who like to sustain a discreet or mysterious online presence. So, such settings can control your interaction and visibility on the platform.

Through this unique feature, users can disable the dyping status and can what messages are typed by others. It offers complete privacy when you send special and sensitive texts. Furthermore, you can also hide your entire presence on stories.

Moreover, you do not need to mark the message as read. Then you can read messages directly and the sender will not be notified at all that you see. Surely, these features are helpful to maintain your privacy.

Enhance and Improve the Quality of several types of Instagram’s Content

Yes, Instander App allows you to improve the quality of different types of content such as Stories, Photos, and IGTV videos. This effective feature is useful because Instragam compresses those files which are based on screen width.

Enable images in maximum quality and disable this compression restriction then you can not only view but also upload photos in HQ quality formats. This enhancement is utilized for individuals who like to maintain the quality of their content. So that could present it in a better way to their entire audience.

Well, the third-party application offers such useful features, which is why you need to be extra careful while jumping into these apps. So, first of all, make sure that the app has a good reputation and does not compromise your account’s security.

Perhaps you have noticed that Instagram features and policies have been modified since the final update in September 2021. So, it is better to refer to the latest Instagram guidelines for the recent information on uploading options and quality.

Smart Gestures in Instander APK

Features like smart gestures enhance the overall experience of the users and they can interact and navigate it more conveniently and intuitively.

This power to customize gestures adds a layer of personalization. And also allows you to tailor the app to perfection. Through Small Gestures, you can zoom on photos, like images with double taps, and swipe to navigate between pages.

The ability to disable or enable these gestures offers more flexibility and you can tune the app according to your specific habits and needs. Such customizable gestures make this app extra accessible for users.

Donate to receive a Unique Verification Badge

The app offers you the chance to support the developer through donations, then you receive a verification badge that shows your status as the app’s supporter. This certain badge remains visible to other users who also use this app and contribute their role as a supporter of the developer. This approach is unusual among several online applications and communities.

In this sense, you download the app and enjoy its features for free. Select an amount to donate to support the developer.

After verification, you have to provide your transcription details and user name through a screenshot, and will send it to a given email address. So, when your donation is verified by the developer, then you avail a special verification badge.

Misc About Instander APK

Many other useful features enhance your in-app experiences and offer an individual preference. Users can view visually-based content in full-screen stories that keep them engaged effectively.

Feel free to suggest Instander APK to your friends and expand your network by discovering new people. Furthermore, hide liked posts and maintain your social media network. The app also provides your facility to crop stories and also customize them.

Intagram Reels Download is available in Instander App where you can easily get this feature.

Explore and Connect with People

You can not only discover people but also connect with them in real and also their soulmates from their existing contacts on Instagram.

Therefore, you can access users’ phone numbers and come to know who contains Instagram accounts. Feel free to follow active friends through their contacts directly from this app. Of course, after following friends, you can see their shared content, stories, and posts.

However, all users can also conduct a private conversation through direct messages to their contacts. Share your daily moments and also view the stories of others. However, you also be respectful to other consent and privacy and take permission before contacting them.


Why to download Instander APK?

Surely, you will be curious why to download Instander in place of the original Instagram app. So, it offers several features that are described in this article.

What is the unqiue feature of Instander APK?

One of Instander APK’s distinguishing qualities is its capacity to provide more customizability options and features that are unavailable in Instagram’s official edition.


Surely, Instander APK provides a unique and enhanced Instagram experience, so you start enjoying social media with your desire and preferences. Additional functions and features open new possibilities for online social interaction. Such modifications enhance your overall user experience. So, it is cardinal to utilize them smartly and according to the platform’s guidelines. Happing sharing and exploring.

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